Our Autumn Auction in Geneva will include the “Swiss Special” Collection.

It is with great pride that we announce the sale of the “Swiss Special” exhibition collection dedicated to registered mail from the Swiss Classic period for our autumn auction in Geneva. Of particular note is a very rare registered item bearing an 1843 6 of Zürich sent from Zurich on June 25, 1847 and addressed to Meilen. Superb framed “RECOMMANDIRT” handstamp alongside. The registered rate, which was 10 Rappens, was paid in cash at the counter.

Only SIX registered items with a 6 of Zurich are known, only three with the red “RECOMMANDIRT” marking. The stamp “N: Abg” (after departure) is also a rare marking of which only 12 examples are recorded on Zurich 6 covers.

This item is illustrated in the book “SCHWEIZ / KANTONALMARKEN” (2014) by Richard Schäfer on page 74

Provenance : Bally Collection