The CNEP, Chambre des Négociants et Experts en Philatélie.
This professional association brings together a large part of the French stamp dealers and makes it possible to assure the customers a pledge of seriousness. The members undertake to respect the association’s quality charter.

The CNEP organizes the two major national fairs for French dealers every year.

Le Timbre Classique is affiliated with the CNEP and the company has been known for almost 50 years for its seriousness.

Do not hesitate to contact the CNEP secretariat if you have any questions about a French stamp dealer. Getting information is free and will allow you to ensure the trustworthiness of your contact.

La FFAP, Fédération des Associations Philatéliques
This society federates the various French philatelic societies. Community life is an important element in philately. By joining a stamp club, you can meet other enthusiasts and benefit from their experience. There is a lot of information you can benefit from to get started with a postage stamp collection. Many societies have a library which you can consult to further your knowledge.

Le Timbre Classique regularly participates in FFAP activities and has been recognized for almost 50 years for the quality stamps it offers to its customers.

Contact the FFAP for references about Le Timbre Classique

L’AEP, Académie Européenne de Philatélie
The AEP is an international network of philatelists who come together to exchange their knowledge.

It often meets during major international philatelic events, which allows members to meet physically to share their common passion: Philately.

The research and studies of its members are published in the magazine OPUS.

Gaël CARON and Anders THORELL are members of the Académie Européenne de Philatélie.

Ask for references.

The Royal Philatelic Society London
Established in 1869 in London, it is the oldest society of postage stamp collectors in the world. Its premises, right in the center of London, make available to researchers one of the largest philatelic libraries in the world. It also has numerous interesting collections which sometime come on display. A committee of philatelic experts meets regularly to establish certificates of authenticity on stamps submitted to it. The society regularly publishes various philatelic works.

Anders Thorell is a member of the Royal Philatelic Society London

L’Union Marcophile
If you like covers, postmarks, the study of frankings and postal routes, this French society is the right place for you. It publishes a quarterly magazine “Les Feuilles Marcophiles” which is full of information on covers and postal history. In philately, as in other areas, it is often knowledge that makes the difference. So join

Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies
Since 1890, the Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies has been the umbrella organization of philatelic societies active in Switzerland. Over the decades, the number of tasks has of course changed and the objectives have also changed. But the main objective has always remained the same. For more than 100 years, the Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies has been promoting philately and supporting the members of philatelic societies in the pursuit of their hobby. On the federation website you will find the program of upcoming activities as well as the list of the various societies across Switzerland to which you can join.

Swiss Stamp Dealers’ Association (SBHV, ASNP)
This association created in 1909 brings together most of the Swiss stamp dealers and is a pledge of seriousness when you wish to acquire or sell stamps in Switzerland. Le Timbre Classique SA is a member of this association and complies with its quality charter in order to give you the assurance of an impeccable service and to provide you with quality stamps and covers that conform to their descriptions. In case you have questions about the Swiss philatelic market, you can contact them through their website.

Le Club Philatélique et Aéropostale de Genève
Our local partner club. Founded in 1933, their members meet on the first Monday of each month at the Holiday Inn near Geneva Airport. The club organizes various conferences and auctions for club members. An annual dinner gathers Swiss as well as neighboring French members, is organized on the first Monday of December. Becoming a member allows you to discover other areas of philately through conferences. Their members often offer good advice to improve your collection or refine your exhibition techniques.

Tarifs postaux

Tarifs postaux est un site sur lequel vous pouvez trouver rapidement les tarifs postaux pour vos envois de courrier et de colis aussi bien en France qu’à l’étranger.



StampWorld est le site internet qui vous permet d’accéder rapidement au plus grand et complet catalogue de timbres du monde entier. Vous pouvez y retrouver plus de 7 400 000 timbres à vendre et plus de 500 000 membres.  Ce site propose de nombreuses fonctionnalités notamment un forum de timbres, la création d’une collection personnelle, un contact direct avec des collectionneurs du monde ou encore la liste des clubs et boutiques de timbres.



Fondée à 1962, la Fédération Asturienne des Sociétés philatéliques est située à Oviedo dans la principauté des Asturies en Espagne. Au fil des ans, FASFIL continue de maintenir une activité profondément ancrée dans la société et la culture asturienne.  Elle a organisé de multiples activités philatéliques, aussi bien des expositions, des séminaires ou des congrès philatéliques et toutes sortes d’événements qui promeuvent le monde de la collection philatélique. En 2011, elle s’est vue décerné la médaille d’or du mérite philatélique.


Club philatélique de Delémont et environs

Fondé le 30 mars 1911, le Club philatélique de Delémont et environs regroupe aujourd’hui une soixantaine de personnes et une section juniors. Il est affilié à la Fédération des Sociétés Suisses de Philatélie. Il organise des réunions mensuelles, des bourses, des expositions et des conférences. Il forme et encourage ses membres à réaliser leurs collections.  La bibliothèque de ce club est riche d’ouvrages spécialisés et de catalogues.


UPG, Union Philatélique de Genève
Le plus ancien club philatélique genevois fondé en 1892