Selling your collection in Paris.

For selling your collection of French stamps our Paris office is the ideal place. Contact our philatelic expert in Paris by filling in the contact form below. A free philatelic assessment will allow you to know the price of your stamps and covers. You can choose between consigning to auction ou un a cash purchase.    

Mail Auction

This is the best method to be sure to sell your stamps at the highest price, especially when you aren’t sure of the exact cash value of your collection.

We present the collection in an auction in individual or grouped lots and sell them to the highest bidder.

Our select customers receive the catalogue three weeks in advance. They send their offers by mail, email or bid directly using our “LIVE” real-time sales system.

You are therefore sure to receive the highest possible result for each of your stamps and covers.

Better items are best sold in this way.

Advantage of the Mail Auction …

The most advantageous solution for the seller.

Do you want a free philatelic assessment of your collection ?

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Steps to entrust us with your stamps


You can drop off your collection at our offices in Paris. We can also collect it at your home. You can also send us your collection by Fedex. Please, contact us in advance.


We issue a receipt for your property which will be given to you in exchange for receiving your collection. This receipt will indicate a brief description of the collection, possibly accompanied by photos, as well as an insurance value covering the goods.


Your stamps are fully insured from the time they are consigned until final payment.


Our experts will meticulously describe and estimate the collection. He will send you the list of descriptions and estimates for information.


You can follow the auction directly on your screen at home and be part of the excitement.


The results list is sent to you within one week of the auction.


The proceeds of the sale are paid to you promptly six weeks after the auction.

Direct Cash Purchase

Following his assessment, our expert can make you a cash offer to buy your stamps directly. This solution allows you to get immediate cash.

To sell your collection, fill out our contact form below.

Our opinions are free and without obligation. We would be happy to answer any questions and meet you at your convenience.


Do you need a valuation of your stamp collection?

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If you wish to send us images of your stamp collection, we invite you to use the file transfer service in order to send us a link allowing us to download these images.  Our email is :