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11 lots

Lot 2098
Eastern Europe » BULGARIA
1931-33 Balkan Games, the two mint sets of 14 values, fine mint
Estimation: 130 EUR

Lot 2099
Eastern Europe » Hungary
1871-95, Lot of six items comprising three 1871 engraved issue frankings including 25Kr lilac together with 1874 Envelope issue 10Kr blue as MIXED FRANKING…
Estimation: 500 EUR

Lot 2100
Eastern Europe » Hungary
1927-58, Never hinged selection on stockcards showing a range of better values, noted 1949 UPU min.sheet and 1951 philatelic exhibition sheets, etc., very…
Estimation: 200 – 300 EUR

Lot 2101
1919 3f Bister to 5m lilac, complete mint set of 12, very fine, cert.
Estimation: 280 EUR

Lot 2102
Eastern Europe » ROMANIA
1870 Envelope to Paris franked by 1869 25B orange and blue and 50B blue and red, tied by BUCURESTI 6/9 cds, French entry cds AUTRICHE / CULOZ 15 SEPT 70…
Estimation: 200 EUR

Lot 2103
Eastern Europe » ROMANIA
1909 King Carol I, 21 essays in various shades, without value in tablet, imperforate on glossy paper, very fine
Estimation: 100 EUR

Lot 2104
Eastern Europe » RUSSIA AND USSR
1931 Registered airmail cover from Moscow to Berlin, bearing the imperforate airs set of 1931, Zweiflugpostamt cds in red alongside, various BERLIN arrival…
Estimation: 150 EUR

Lot 2105
Eastern Europe » RUSSIA AND USSR
1931 Two registered Polarfahrt cards bearing together the four 1931 « Malyguine » values, very fine
Estimation: 120 EUR

Lot 2106
Eastern Europe » RUSSIA AND USSR
1932 2nd International Polar year, the two values (50k and 1k) respectively on special cover and card, both addressed to Switzerland, very fine
Estimation: 120 EUR

Lot 2107
Eastern Europe » RUSSIA AND USSR
1899-1923, Lot of 11 items, including postcard with “Souvenir du Turkestan”, Wrangel Army items (4) and some Georgia (5 items), unusual and attractive…
Estimation: 300 EUR

Lot 2108
1921 10k on 10k Blue, mint, very fine and scarce, cert.
Estimation: 450 EUR