Stamp box

Nice collection of stamp boxes for sale in Drouot.
It is visible on Drouot Online, at this address : Auction
The collection includes more than 500 items organized in 72 lots (numbered from #90 to #161, as the sale is combined with a collection of knives). Certain lots are individual boxes that we found to be the most remarkable ones, some combine 2 to 6 related items, and others are more important, diverse batches for collectors willing to acquire several dozens of stamp boxes for a relatively low price. 
There is a quite significant diversity of objects (e.g. stamp boxes of course, but also humidifiers, stamp distributors, etc.), of styles and epoca, of themes (e.g. Regional themes, „Chinoiseries“, US, RMS Queen Mary, etc.) and of materials (e.g. silver and metals, vermeil, rosewood and exotic wood veneer, hardwood and marquetry, bronze and brass, porcelaine, pressed wood, marble, etc.)