Afghanistan Collection for Auction in December 2020

Le “Lion Head” issues of 1871-78 have always fascinated stamp collectors from the early days of philately. They are famous for having a corner torn off to indicate cancellation. Created during the reign of emir Sher Ali Khan who had initiated the postal service a few years earlier. These early stamps featured a Lion’s Head in the central emblem symbolising the reigning emir. “Sher” means “Lion” in the local Dari language. The emir died in 1880, after which a similar design was used but without the Lion’s Head emblem. This basic design was used until the Kingdom of Afghanistan was established in 1891 after which all designs were rectangular. Mixed frankings with the British postal administration are particularly interesting and scarce. Several of these frankings will be offered during Le Timbre Classique’s Geneva/Switzerland international auction in December.